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Venmo Unleashes the Power of Litecoin: Withdrawals and Deposits Now Active!

Last month Venmo announced they will be turning on support for Litecoin withdrawals and deposits. It looks like this feature is finally available in the Venmo App! See if your app supports it today.

To access Litecoin transfers on the Venmo app, users are required to submit their driver's license and other information for verification. This process typically takes around 2-3 days, but some users are reporting same-day verification. Once approved, users gain access to the full functionality of Litecoin transfers within Venmo, making it easy to send (withdrawal), and receive (deposit) litecoin. The great thing about Litecoin is that it provides fast and super low fees.

Also, the Venmo credit card is one of the best credit card rewards that automatically turns your cash rewards into Litecoin (LTC). Now each month when you get your litecoin rewards you can withdrawal the litecoin to your self-custody wallet like litewallet, Ledger or Trezor or litecoin node with MWEB support. Make sure to go into the app and turn on the option to automatically purchase litecoin each month with your rewards. It's super simple and works flawylessly.


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