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If they accept VISA, they also accept Litecoin!

Want to spend your Litecoin at ... Walmart? 😬.. pssh!.. you can! You can spend it at the movies, at the grocery, at the mall, the vast majority of retailers accept VISA!

The Litecoin card is a super convenient way to spend your Litecoin out in the real word without having the need for the vendor to accept it natively. It works like this.

First, you'll need to sign up for a card at Once you've gone through the setup, you'll be able to send Litecoin to your LTC Card wallet. From there, whenever you swipe your Litecoin card to make a purchase the wallet will auto-exchange the necessary of Litecoin at its current price to pay for the transaction over the VISA debit network. That's it.

But what about the fees?

Fees are pretty reasonable. There is a $10 activation fee which gets you a plastic card, or for $50 you can get a metal card. They do not charge a deposit fee, exchange fee, or withdraw fee. There is a $1.00 fee that happens with each swipe (in the US) and $3 fee for ATM Cash withdrawals. For a more thorough breakdown of the fee structure, click here.

Litewallet Integration

If you are a Litewallet user, you can link your Litewallet and your Litecoin Card directly from within Litewallet. This allows for super convenient transfers of Litecoin to and from Litewallet to your Litecoin Card wallet.

Get yours today and #PayWithLitecoin and always remember to spend and replace!


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