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Litecoin Is #2 Most Used For Payments on Bitpay And Climbing

The May 2022 numbers are out for BitPay. Once again, Litecoin ranks as the second most popular choice for payments behind Bitcoin using the service. Litecoin continues to climb as nearly 18% of users choose Litecoin as their medium of exchange.

Litecoin transactions make up 32% of all of the Bitcoin transactions on Bitpay. This is impressive as Litecoin continues to grow as one of the best payment methods. Litecoin currently trades less than 1% market cap of Bitcoin.

If it traded at a 32%of Bitcoin's Market Cap it would have to increase by 38x.

Another interesting statistic is Litecoin core comes in at #8 as the most used wallet for payments.

If you're interested in accepting crypto through BitPay you can sign up here.


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