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Litecoin uses same stable coin tech as bitcoin

Tether the worlds largest non-us based stable coin company has several tether stable coins on multiple crypto networks.

These networks include ethereum, tron, solana, algrorand, eos, avalanche, liquid, slp and omni.

Now why is the last one interesting? Well omni is a token protocol built on top of bitcoin. Yet, the proportion of tether in dollar amounts is much less used than the other networks. This is most likely due to bitcoin's higher transactional fees and speed.

Well guess what other network now supports omni? Litecoin does. Litecoin now has omnlite which is an implementation of omni protocol on top of litecoin. Litecoin has similar network capabilities as bitcoin but is 4x faster on-chain to settle, it has low fees, its one of the most decentralized networks and it is the longest running network with 100% reliable with zero downtime. What more would you want with a network to host a stable coin?


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