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Litewallet Continues to Innovate

Litewallet is one of the most popular Litecoin wallets. And it is probably the most popular Litecoin only wallet. Just like the coin itself (Litecoin), Litewallet innovates. Formerly known as Loaf Wallet, Litewallet has seen many upgrades over the years. One of the best things about Litewallet, is that it is completely free to use.

Litewallet is the flagship mobile app from the Litecoin Foundation. It aims at being the best representation of Litecoin for your mobile needs. Litewallet is not only free to use, but also allows you to hold your private keys and seed words. A must have feature that allows users to control their own money. Currently Litewallet allows you to do the following: Send, Receive, and Buy LTC. There is also a unique feature where you can load and use Litecoin on a Litecoin Visa Debit Card. That's right, you can actually use LTC wherever Visa is accepted. Litewallet has partnered with Unbanked and the Litecoin Visa Card. Visit to learn more about registering and using the debit card.

Look out for more features to come to Litewallet.


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